Steflogix is setting a new standard for whole room disinfection by providing the most effective and affordable solution on the market. We are offering a solution to disinfect entire rooms and public facilities against bacteria, fungi and viruses, such as the coronavirus.

The innovative misting application system we use, allows us to treat spaces that traditional commercial disinfectants typically can’t reach. These include hard-to-reach areas, porous surfaces, and fibrous materials. The commercial disinfectant used is listed on the EPA list N, and contains a virucide that deactivates or destroys viruses.

Application can be used in health care facilities, schools, office buildings, restaurants, banks, daycare centers, homes, hotels, churches, supermarkets, public transportation etc.

For an appointment or more details, call 1.721.588.6708/ 588.6700 or email us at info@steflogix.com 

Photos courtesy of Unsplash